Northern Quarter creative tour

Manchester, February 2018

A creative exploration of Manchesters’s Northern Quarter for English undergraduates on the 'Manchester and the City' module at Manchester Metropolitan University, which requires the students to undertake a research project on 'Manchester as text' and produce an artefact related to the city.

This tour highlighted some of the permanent and temporary artworks installed in the Northern Quarter. It explored their various forms and functions, from adding decorative and visual appeal to the streets, and creating a sense of place, to celebrating and commemorating the history of the area, and showed how they have contributed to the distinctive identity and atmosphere of the Northern Quarter.

These public commissions date primarily from the 1990s onwards, when this part of the city began to be transformed from a run-down former textile, wholesale and retail district to a place known for its creative identity, independent businesses and night life.

The tour considered the ways in which the area continues to change and evolve, and the extent to which its different uses coexist. It addressed current debates about ongoing and future developments in the area, and how they might impact the character and qualities for which the Northern Quarter has become known and valued by those who live, work and socialise there.

Image: Northern Quarter tile artwork, Natalie Bradbury





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