The Shrieking Violet

The Shrieking Violet is an art and culture magazine edited by Natalie Bradbury, which started in August 2009. Each cover is illustrated by a different artist, and content is contributed by writers, journalists, illustrators, academics, film-makers and others, from Manchester and beyond.

Issues 1-23 can be read online as PDFs at

The Shrieking Violet is represented in collections including Salford Zine Library, Rotherham Zine Library, the Working Class Movement Library and the Special Collections at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Shrieking Violet has been exhibited at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, as part of the Diagonal Noise exhibition (2016), alongside a range of art books and magazines published in Greater Manchester; at 'Fields of Wheat' at the Birley in Preston (July 2017); and at the People's History Museum in Manchester (2018), as part of the Represent! Voices 100 Years On exhibition showcasing 100 years of women's protests. It has been exhibited internationally at Bluestockings in New York (2011) and Zine Show, Ukraine (2013).








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